“Imagine Having a Bugatti that can go as fast as 500 KPH but no wheels that can support its speed. Get your Bugatti Chiron the wheels it needs to unlock that w16 engine.”

Why You Need a Facebook Agency Ad Account

Agency Ad Accounts are accounts obtained and approved directly by META and distributed through ASP (Authorized Seller Partners). Some advantages of these accounts are:

  • INCREASED LIFESPAN These accounts are not subject to futile restrictions or bans. They are preapproved by META, therefore, immune to errors in META Algorithm updates. No more waiting 2 weeks after applying for reviews!
  • NO SPENDING LIMIT! Indeed, agency accounts are not subject to regular ad spend limits allowing you to scale freely & exponentially!
  • ANALYTICAL DATA: A consequence of increased lifespan that is worth mentioning. As opposed to farming accounts, agency accounts last longer preserving analytical data from past campaigns in order to improve future ones.

Isn’t the Facebook Ad Manager Enough? Why You Need a Tracking Solution.

Quite the exciting question, and often asked. It is true that, for beginners, the ad manager is enough, or is it? It is only a matter of time before the beginners realize that they’re making the right decisions, but something just isn’t right… Well, that’s your first step toward an expert path. 

The data gathered by Facebook through pixel and displayed on your dashboard can be somewhat faulty at times but also not enough if you want to grow your business. Keep in mind that, if you’re not growing, then you’re shrinking. 

Tracking solutions gather more data through additional tracking cookies and other ways in order to provide more insight into the population visiting your store or interacting with your ads. The more you know, the better you act, right?

Scalix’s solution is a monster setup based on Strong Agency Ad Accounts from around the world granting advertisers Unlimited Potential! Think of it as that w16 monster engine…

While Bugatti is still struggling to find the wheels that will support the top speed that the w16 can provide, we have found you the right wheels for your accounts.

Scalix’s recent partner, wetracked.io, developed a tracking solution that will change your ad game!

Scalix Agency setup:

Scalix’s Premium Facebook Agency Ad Account setup enables your advertising beyond any spending limits or unjustified restrictions. Just like Charles Bolden in 2010 “The sky used to be the limit for our nation’s children. Now, it’s just the beginning.” Among Scalix’s solution’s advantages are:
  • Premium Native Agency Ad Accounts obtained through 6+ ASPs featuring:
    • Unlimited Ad spend;
    • No unnecessary restrictions or bans;
    • Advertising through one account and piling up “Advertising Data” useful for future targeting.
  • Media Buying Experts to assist you;
  • A highly customizable solution to cater to your needs;
  • Dedicated 24/7 Slack Channel to support you!
  • And more.

wetracked’s Solution:

A combination of both solutions can prove very efficient. While Scalix Agency setups and accounts enable you to advertise hassle-free and scale without limits, wetracked provides you with the advantage of better analytics leading to better budget allocation. Here are the benefits:
  1. SPEND MORE BUT SMART: Scalix’s accounts have no spending limit which means unlimited scaling! However, with wetracked, you make sure that your scaling will be more efficient through additional analytic data boosting your Ads ROI.
  2. ADVERTISE WITH UTMOST INSIGHT: Agency Accounts are known to last longer and preserve analytical data allowing Facebook’s Algorithm to improve your targeting. Through wetracked’s sending the data back to the Ad Manager feature, you amplify the data gathered and feed it to Facebook’s Algorithm giving it more data to improve your campaigns.

What are you waiting for? Unlock your Advertising potential now!

I mean you have a car that can go up to 500 km/h and more, but you only run it at 490.484 km/h! 

Get the right wheels and unlock its potential!