A Facebook agency ad account ? How and why ? Like any good entrepreneur, you need to run advertising campaigns to showcase your services and products on the web, and to increase the visibility of the advantages and benefits they provide to their end customers and prospects. With the recent changes in the terms of use of these services, regardless of the social network involved, it is necessary to understand in depth how these systems work and evolve, in order to benefit considerably from them.

It is not necessary to be an online entrepreneur to carry out this type of advertising campaigns, all businesses today are concerned, from the plumber, to the heating engineer, through the law firm, or even some cabinets offering specific medical treatments or not.

However, it turns out that the limitations of traditional Facebook ad accounts are frustrating a growing number of professionals over the past few years, given the number of ad accounts that have been banned for reasons that are totally obsolete, or even unexplained, and have fallen into oblivion without understanding what they are about.

In this article, we will first differentiate a traditional Facebook ad account from the one that can be rented from a professional advertising agency that has a good and honest relationship with the Facebook team.

Also, we will see how it is possible to rent a Facebook agency ad account in order to break the commercial barriers, and exploit your advertising campaigns in the best way possible, optimizing each step and regulating the positive and negative aspects of each axis of the ad campaigns that are launched and managed afterwards.

Traditional Facebook ad account versus Facebook agency ad account.

Facebook agency ad account

In recent years, traditional advertising accounts have been confronted with numerous digital walls, causing in the vast majority of cases a pure and simple abandonment of this marketing axis, which is nevertheless highly coveted by dropshippers and other purely digital businesses.

These digital walls, or reasons, are the following according to a statistical study recently conducted in the United States and Europe;

  • Bans left unexplained
  • Low budget limits
  • Sensitive topics rejected without logical explanations
  • Complications to implement
  • Goals not met

Standard ad accounts

Anyone can open a Facebook advertising account today, with their personal account or their business page. However, managing such an account is not for everyone, and the expected results are rarely there without the support and advice of online advertising professionals.

Users of these standard accounts legitimately believe that the more they pay for their advertising campaigns, the more immediate results they will get, which is considered by advertising professionals to be the first major mistake in this field.

Let’s try to summarize and see the advantages and inconveniences that a standard Facebook advertising account, not managed by an accredited agency and recognized by the authorities of the Facebook social network, can provide.


  • Ease of access; Indeed, as mentioned above, anyone can open a standard advertising account on Facebook, as long as they are not sanctioned or restricted by the social network.
  • Possibility to manage your own advertising budget as well as the targeting of your ads.


  • These advertising accounts can very easily be subject to banning, or to more or less constraining restrictions, for reasons that are often left unexplained.
  • The results obtained are far from the expected results considering the lack of professionalism in general with which these advertising campaigns are launched, then managed. These campaigns are, for note, almost never optimized over time.

Facebook agency ad account.

An Facebook agency ad account has a certain number of functional characteristics that make its accounts major assets in terms of benefits, in terms of commercial spin-offs, or freedom of action. 

Indeed, with this type of account, the professional relationship between the agency that rents professional Facebook agency ad account and the social network is particular and very advantageous.


  • Restrictions, or possible bans on your advertising account, cannot take place. In fact, the relationship between Facebook’s management and moderating teams and the advertising agencies that hold this type of account allows transactions to take place in complete confidence and without any constraints.
  • These professional advertising accounts also provide a wider range of tools to better target the audience of the Facebook advertising account hirer.
  • Also the guarantee to see the advertising campaigns running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any interruption, limitations, whatever they may be. 
  • Also to note in passing, no limitation or constraint in terms of budget allocated to the advertising campaigns, which is often the case with standard advertising accounts accessible to all.
  • The topics mentioned in the advertising campaigns will not have any limitation. You can talk about NFT, crypto-currencies, or health products that have been approved by recognized medical authorities. 
  • Another point, but not negligible, the agencies that offer the rental of services and Facebook advertising account also include in their rental tips and tricks to optimize these same advertising campaigns to the maximum, and therefore obtain a particularly effective performance.
  • With an agency Facebook advertising account, the technical support of Facebook is ultra responsive, because once again, the relationship between the two entities has been approved and consolidated over time.


  • There is no real disadvantage to using this type of account, which is particularly attractive and inexpensive in terms of rental.
  • However, this type of account is intended for an informed clientele in terms of advertising campaigns. The renting of a Facebook agency advertising account is above all a tool that allows to considerably increase the size of the campaigns, and therefore to reduce the costs spent, in order to obtain commercial benefits particularly appreciable for online businesses.

How does the rental of an agency facebook account work? 

You are convinced, you have understood that with an agency Facebook advertising account, the doors to success are open to you. All that remains is to implement the tools that will allow you to reach new heights in terms of profitability.

To do this, different steps must be respected, because obviously, and given the quality of the rental of this service, these Facebook advertising accounts are not accessible to everyone, for obvious reasons.

Indeed, the reputation of the agency that rents its advertising accounts is at stake, as well as the relationship that it maintains with the Facebook teams and other moderation poles, which also seek to protect their own interests.

Choosing a professional advertising agency

For almost 3 years now, Scalix advertising agency has been offering adapted and customized services for renting Facebook advertising accounts to Internet and online business professionals who wish to go beyond the limits of a traditional advertising account, which is often on the hot seat and can be closed at any time.

The Scalix agency offers a range of adapted services that allow medium and large budgets to explore all the technical, visual and commercial possibilities of advertising campaigns that can be implemented on the Facebook social platform.

Leader on the market for three long years, Scalix leaves nothing to chance, it offers its customers the following services ; 

  • Study of the client’s thematic, examination of the advertising segments to be exploited, creation and implementation of an effective and profitable advertising strategy in the short term.
  • Orientation on the visual and textual elements to be implemented.
  • Optimization of pre-campaigns, and implementation of tracking systems at all transaction levels.
  • Launch of campaigns and permanent analysis of the commercial impact, whether it be direct sales, acquisition of leads, or simple qualified traffic.
  • Continuous optimization of campaigns until a particularly beneficial ROAS is achieved.
  • Overall management of technical issues that may be related to the launch of an advertising campaign with a sensitive theme that may be subject to special attention from the Facebook moderation teams.

Obtain access keys to an agency Facebook ad account.

The agency is chosen, Scalix is honored to collaborate with you in the medium and long term, to allow you to generate a real level of increasing profitability, and a progressive and particularly satisfying rate of global commercial impact.

Now it’s time to get the secure access you need to take full advantage of a professional agency Facebook advertising account and break through the glass ceiling that has been holding you back from reaching the top in online business transformations, whatever your business and whatever your bottom line expectations.

The first step is to contact the Scalix agency, through the contact form, a simple email, or even on the affiliated social networks, in order to access the initial advice of a company manager, and to orient you on the best package.

This package will be adapted according to your objectives, your means, and your theme. It will be necessary to play the card of the franchise, it is a particularly profitable partnership, it is thus necessary to give all the ins and outs allowing to reach the initially planned objectives.

How to profit from renting an agency facebook ad account ?

This is a question that is usually asked for standard Facebook ad accounts, as well as for agency accounts. Indeed, getting the most out of renting a Facebook agency ad account means first and foremost implementing a battery of tests to quickly obtain the expected results. Beyond the renting itself, which is represented at the end only by a simple paying access, it will be necessary to carry out, and launch, various advertising campaigns on various axes of communication, which themselves will integrate various visuals and editorial contents.

It is after a few days of test that it is possible to see which advertisements are really profitable, profitable, and which touch the heart of target. It is then necessary to eliminate the axes which do not really correspond to the expectations. And to focus and increase the budgets related to the axes that will allow you to transform your advertising campaigns into permanent linear profit generators.

It is precisely at this moment that you will be able to see the disappearance of the budgetary limits that can allow you to multiply your income, and to see your exponential level of progression in terms of pure profitability.

Indeed, it is precisely at this moment that a Facebook agency ad account will allow you to overcome all the constraints previously seen, and linked to a traditional Facebook account that is subject to special attention by the Facebook moderation team, which can be fatal to a campaign.