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why Scalix?

Have you ever asked the question :

Why big E-commerce players keep advertising smoothly while you are struggling with Accounts bans !!

The Answer is : they are using a Strong High Quality Facebook Agency Ad Account created and validated directly by Agency Partners.

With ScaliX Get access to your Premium Facebook Agency Ad Account with high level of trust, No spending limit, No bans!

get your premium facebook agency ad account

PERKS Of Scalix Agency Ad accounts

No daily ad spend limits

Want to spend $10K/day from day one ? you can do that on our agency ad accounts, no need to warm up the account .

Easy Top-up

We will Top up your ad accounts instantly 7/7 just by receiveing a proof of transfer. we support bank wire transfers and Crypto.

Whitelisted Ad Accounts

Get very strong, premium quality ad accounts to run different verticals with no issues no bans.

Cheaper CPMs & CPAs

Using trusted tier accounts from trusted entities will give you access to better CPMs and CPAs

Extend your paid advertising
to several platforms. Test our Facebook agency ad Account system

We have partnered with the largest advertising networks in the world to ensure our clients have the best advertising experience.

Facebook Ads

Having issues while testing or scaling your ads can be a nightmare, let us make sure it won’t for you

Google Ads

Put your business on the most visited website in the world. Gain more visibility and cheaper conversions 

TikTok Ads

Run your ads on Tiktok worldwide from the same account, with no hustle, and unlimited ad spend.

Let's Get Started

Scalix team will get in touch with you and onboard you in 24H, in order to scale your ads with no bans nor limits or it's free.


Have a question? We are here to help ! book a call and get all the needed details.

Yes , our main service is to provide access to our premium facebook agency ad account

  • Get in touch with us.

  • We explain to you the service in details

  • You request ad account

  • You get your ad account within 24h-48h

  • You launch your ads smoothly → Scale with no bans

Firstly, you fill out the application form by answering some simple questions. Next, someone from our team will contact you and schedule an online meeting.

During the call, we’ll carefully listen and also raise a question or two. Finally, we’ll present you with our services and fees. If you agree to work with us, we’ll sign a contract and get your accounts in 24H.

We accept all the verticals even the most aggressive ones, our policies experts will go through your ads and make sure you are compliant. 
We have clients from different verticals using our services, you can reach out to use and we will see if we are a good fit.


We provide accounts for all the major social media media platforms : TikTok, Snapchat, Google and Twitter.

Unlimited ad accounts but you need to spend on them.



Never Waste Time When You Launch Your Ads Get Your Adcopy In A Matter Of Seconds.

Empower your marketing campaigns, connect with your audience in a meaningful way, and achieve remarkable results in no time. Try our extension now and take your marketing to the next level!

At ScaliX Agency, we are partners with the largest advertising networks in the world to ensure our clients have an unrivalled advertising experience.

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