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Exclusive access to premium facebook, tiktok and google agency accounts. access to a 360 marketing agency, receive your assets immediately and start scaling !

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Our premium Agency Accounts are the most scalable and stable ad accounts available.

Whitelisted ad accounts

Do you have a dating app ? Want to run casino offers ? CBD or crypto. we can help you do it the right way

Cheaper CPMs & CPAs

We have seen CPMs be up to 20% cheaper when running on our BMs, which gives cheaper results

Unlimited Spend Potential

Want to spend $10K  a day or more ? without issues, you can do it on our accounts

Exclusive Support

Scalix Agency partnerships with all major advertising platform allow for direct communication with representatives

Cashback opportunities

We offer cashback opportunities for all major social media networks like: Facebook, Tiktok, Google, Bing and Twitter. 

Trainings & Consultations

we provide custom trainings for our high potential clients for free, we can help better scale your ads, check your creatives, optimize your landing pages and more


We Offer Solutions to Limitless Scaling