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Providing Advertising solution on TikTok

Scale effortlessly on a rapidly growing platform with direct reps, compliance support, no spending, targeting or location limits.

Why You Should Use Tiktok Agency account?

widen your reach

TikTok Agency ad Account can target all markets, for example: the United States, Europe and Canda.

More Efficiency

Unlimited customization and free customers' insight to optimize your TikTok ads campaign with our ad agency account.

Receive Tiktok Support

As a official partner of TikTok, we'll help you handle campaign suspensions while using our TikTok ad agency account.

scalix agency

Unlock Limitless Scaling with Our Tiktok Accounts

Our Tiktok Agency Accounts allow you to focus on scaling consistently without bans, spending caps, or limitations.

We assist with compliance, structuring and the optimal setup so you can do what you do best.

Get your business discovered on TikTok.

Whether you’re selling dog collars, candles, clothing, art, or mindfulness coaching, you can reach your ideal audience on any budget.

At ScaliX Agency, we are partnered with the largest advertising networks in the world to ensure our clients have an unrivalled advertising experience.

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