How to solve facebook account restricted problem with a Facebook agency ad account ?

Facebook advertising has been proven to be an efficacious tool for e-commerce businesses. In addition, with retargeting techniques, merchants can achieve greater conversion rates and higher engagement. This all sounds great, but it’s important to note that setting up and managing a truly successful campaign has always been a challenge.

So imagine that you’ve finally decided to spend some money on effective Facebook advertising. You’ve invested time and resources into building the perfect ads and launched them, only to find that your account was restricted. The ads aren’t displaying and it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it, so all your hard work goes to waste. Does this look like your absolute worst nightmare?

Facebook’s advertising limitations are a problem faced by both new and experienced marketers. In recent years, the policies have become more strict. They can affect even those who have been promoting for a long time.

In this post, we’ll look at why your ads may be on standby, learn how to ensure this doesn’t happen, or if it does happen, how to resolve the account restrictions.

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Facebook ban

Facebook restricted my account for a weird reason: why does this happen?

There is always a cause. Loss of access to Facebook ads can occur for the following reasons:

Problems with your Facebook profile
Problems with your ad account

The first reason is the least serious one, because even if your profile has been restricted, you still have the ability to manage advertisements. In the case of an ad account restriction, things are more complex.

The administrator’s personal account is being restricted.

Before banning your ad account, Facebook will stop all ads until you have regained access and resume management of your campaign. But even if your personal account is deactivated on the site, your ads will still be shown.

There is no way for you to go into your account and optimize recently launched ads or pause ads that you feel are not working properly.

So, what to do?

Check to see if other team members have full access to your Business Manager – it is very common for all of their accounts to be disabled as well.The best way to resolve this issue is to reach out to Facebook support during business hours and wait for Facebook employees to review and agree to your inquiry.

An advertising account was restricted

The most irritating aspect of banning ad accounts is that it happens without warning. One day all is well, and the next day it looks like all of your campaigns have been terminated, which means your organization or client will not be able to generate leads or sales via Facebook for an undetermined amount of time.

As for the reasons for the profile ban, Facebook is not very clear. A generic message will be sent to inform you that “your ad account has been reported for policy violations.”

Again, what to do?

Again, call Facebook support and wait for a response. Alternatively, try another account, ideally an older account with no business history.

Why does Facebook limit advertising accounts without notice?
It is critical to know that Facebook typically restricts ads and ad accounts due to the following reasons:

Your ads have received bad reviews
You have violated Facebook’s advertising policies in any way.

To understand more about the reasons behind Facebook’s decisions to ban, let’s take a closer look at these two cases.

Your ads have received negative feedback

The users can give their feedback on your advertisements or on your account as a whole in different ways. They have the ability to hide single ads or any activity on your Facebook ad space, report your ad contents, dislike your page, or simply leave negative reviews under your advertising campaigns. All of this has an impact on your Facebook ad rating and can result in an ad being blocked.

However, in order for your ad account to be limited, there really needs to be a high proportion of negative feedback compared to the total number of impressions and interactions. But what ratio is considered to be high?

There’s no official guideline, but many advertisers use the same formula you would use to find out the engagement rate of a Facebook publication, which is the amount of interaction divided by number of impressions. Basically, bad impressions have to be 0.02% of total impressions for Facebook to be suspicious about your ad not following its norms.

So, then, what to do?

Make sure your ad isn’t annoying and that it isn’t played too frequently.

It would also be helpful to review the audience to ensure that your product and message are appropriate for the chosen users.

If a particular ad is getting negative feedback, it’s best to intentionally suspend it, so that your whole account isn’t restricted.
When you investigate the comments, you may find out which ads caused your account to be suspended.

If none of your ads received a lot of critical feedback, the reason your account was shut down will most probably be because of a violation of Facebook’s advertising rules.

Violation of Facebook Advertising Policies

Facebook’s policies are a whole new level of headaches for marketers. In many cases, it’s difficult to fully comprehend the reason or arguments behind the decision to hold the ad or ad account.

Additionally, the range of violations is really large, and even the most skillful marketers sometimes miscalculate their campaigns. The most effective way to avoid a ban is to carefully study the following guidelines:

Facebook Advertising Policies
Facebook Community Standards
Facebook Terms of Service

The moderators are extremely strict about the content of the ads. So it’s essential to make sure your ads meet these rules and norms. Keep in mind that the social network doesn’t just look at individual ads, but also at destination pages, accounts, credit cards linked to those same accounts and other assets in the entrepreneur’s profile.

In many instances, Facebook will not let you run ads that fall into forbidden categories: banned substances, violence, weapons, hate speech, dangerous organizations, gambling, sexual and explicit content, and offensive images, to name a few.

Beyond these obvious categories, there are many other specs that can prevent your ad from being shown.

What to do,then ?

Carefully check that your ad is in compliance with Facebook’s policies and guidelines.

Make sure your payments are not overdue and that your cards are working.
Ensure that your landing page is working correctly and that the content is in accordance with Facebook’s guidelines.

What are other causes of Facebook ad account restrictions?

In order for your ad to not show up in Facebook’s view, your content must be high quality, and identical to the services and products you are being promoted. Not just anyone with a few dollars can run an advertising campaign on social media platforms.

More specifically, Facebook may ban your ads for the following purposes:

Use of Facebook Brand Attributes. Ads that include the Facebook brand name or related assets should not represent the Facebook brand in a way that makes it the most distinctive or prominent element of the content. It is always best to use a capital “F” when writing the Facebook mark.

Fake and misinformation. In recent years, the platform has made investments in stronger fact-checking with the help of third-party editors, so spreading false statements can result in a long-term blacklisting.

Poor quality writing. If your ads and content have grammar errors, use too many capital letters, misuse punctuation, and are generally not very well-written, these creatives can be banned. There is also a 20% rule for per-image ads: text should not take up more than 20% of the image surface.

Use of restricted words. When reviewing ads, Facebook’s AI checks content for certain terms and phrases associated with prohibited business and will often reject ads that include them, even if the ad doesn’t actually violate any policies. Keywords such as “fat loss,” “mortgages,” “payday loans,” “anti-aging,” “marijuana” and other words that seem to touch on sensible and potentially controversial subjects will be flagged. The same goes for any content that over promises and over delivers or seems overly salesy or even misleading.

Use of personal characteristics. It may come as a shock, but the use of personal attributes is forbidden by Facebook. This means that your ad cannot include any statements that start with or include the word “you,” or appeals based on a person’s ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, age, gender identity or other personality traits.

Final thoughts: how to prevent Facebook's ad account limitations?

While the only option to fix the problem once it has already happened is to turn to Ad Manager and support or create a new account, there are many ways to avoid the ban.

Ensure that your account is valid, of sufficient quality, and that it was not created overnight. When it comes to content, do not forget that it must comply with all policies and directives, while still being appealing to the target audience. If you follow the basic Facebook rules and don’t overdo it when it comes to marketing, your ad campaign should be a great success. It’s also important to keep in mind that account limitations happen even to marketing wizards, so it’s not the end of the road.

Of course, not every entrepreneur has the time and desire to analyze the world of Facebook and spend hours and weeks testing ads. If you’re seeking a professional solution for setting up successful ad campaigns while ensuring that they avoid prohibitions, try Scalix services now.