What is an agency ad account ?

We provide unlimited agency account rentals. This means you can use our agency accounts to place your advertisements and to promote your products without worrying about bans, spending limits or checking with your sales manager.

Agency ad accounts are simply the most trustworthy ad accounts; they have no credit limits – so you won’t get bounced for payment methods. If you’ve ever run ads on Facebook, you know how frequently and how fast you can get banned, even when running white advertisements. You want to get them back and appeal – sorry, but Facebook support doesn’t care, and the answer won’t come for several months. Sound very familiar? 

Yes, it does. But with agency advertising accounts, you can get devoted support and a dedicated response on what went wrong and how to fix it. Facebook representatives – who spend a lot of cash each month – have taken this soft attitude. Yes, they treat some clicks better than others when it comes to ad spend.

Agency ad account

Why Do you need it?

So why do you want it? Well, let’s find out. Your Facebook ad accounts have been locked, and this happens every time when you’re ready to scale. And your attempts to appeal are for naught. 

The spending limit is another issue: you can’t spend more than $50 to $250 per day because of daily spending restrictions. The delay in reviewing the ad copy is something amazing, right? You can wait for days, and that’s not cool.

Mistakes other affiliates doing

Some affiliates simply rent Facebook ad accounts to each other, and that’s where you can get ripped off. Your budget can simply be robbed, and access is denied. Do you have to take that risk? Limiting your daily spending will prevent you from making your business successful and scalable. As a consequence, you’ll only waste time on useless things like farming, collecting private Facebook profiles, and finding alternative payment method service providers.

What’s the advantage?

By using Facebook agency advertising accounts with us, you get a strong solution for your advertising efforts. You can benefit from a better CPM price and reach compared to personal ad accounts. You can quickly develop your lucrative ad campaigns since you are not limited in your daily spending. Your campaigns are approved in 1-2 hours, you don’t have to wait 24 hours like in the past. You’ve been banned – yes, Facebook is unique, but there’s nothing to be concerned about. We will provide you with a free substitute.

How does it Work?

Scalix has made it super easy to provide agency advertising accounts on Facebook. We care about reputation. First, we collect some basic information, sign an agreement, and then you need to send a wire transfer for your ad spend. Then the credit limit is possible. Then you need to provide your Business Manager ID, and we will share the advertising accounts for you. Yes, it’s easy. You will have a dedicated manager on our side who can respond quickly and process your requests such as ad account refills within minutes.