Why using a tiktok ads agency account is so profitable ?

An tiktok ads agency account is the absolute weapon for all those who today want to make a quick profit online. With hundreds of thousands of new users every day, the social platform Tik Tok today has operating statistics that are beyond belief.

And obviously, a lot of online stores have decided, since a few months, to play the fast profit card through the numerous influencers who currently rule the famous social video network.

But there is also an ultra-performing advertising platform integrated to this social network. The videos generated and broadcasted on Tik Tok, if they are well calibrated, and if the targeting is perfectly adapted, allow the generation of considerable profits and gains, in a relatively short time, if we consider that the vast majority of purchases of services or products online, through Tik Tok, are done instinctively, or spontaneously.

But once again, as on all major social networks of the Internet today, some limits, or constraints, have been established to avoid excesses and abuses when using advertising accounts on Tik Tok.

Some domains, such as health, or cryptos, have been particularly and severely restricted in recent months for obvious reasons.

So what to do to prevent temporary or permanent banning of advertising accounts on Tik Tok? The ultimate answer lies in the skills and talents of professional teams such as those of the Scalix agency, which will allow you to rent Tik Tok agency advertising accounts without difficulties, and to get the maximum profit, without constraints, and without restrictions.

Scalix Agency has a large number of TikTok ads agency accounts, available to applicants, large accounts, small and medium sized businesses, and all other types of businesses selling services and products online, and wishing to make even more profit on a daily basis without having to deal with the limitations of the system.

tiktok ads agency account

Why a TikTok ad agency account first ?

An agency Tik Tok advertising account opens wide the doors closed until now in terms of online advertising. An agency advertising account is managed by a professional entity in direct relationship with the governing bodies of the social network Tik Tok. This relationship is based on trust, and permanent qualitative exchanges.

This allows for more technical and visual possibilities, as the managers of the respective social network know in advance that the users of these special advertising accounts will not abuse the system, as the agency itself guarantees the use of the rented advertising account.

Tik Tok is a rising value of social networks

Tik tok has been considered for 2 years now as the social video network par excellence, we are obviously talking about short sequences, less than 2 minutes, which push users to see the following videos, through visual mechanisms and a particularly effective graphic interface.

Compared to other major social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, Tik Tok currently shows statistics that mark a much greater progression, especially on the number of new users. The audience of this social network is rather young, but starts to have a tendency to integrate new age groups such as the over 35 years old.

Advertising today on Tik Tok is therefore a clear way to reach a very large audience, segmented into many themes and topics.

The price of the ads is basically cheaper.

Regarding the advertising costs usually incurred on Tik Tok, and still in a spirit of comparison with other social networks, clearly, the cost of customer acquisition is much more favorable for Tik Tok than for Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

We are highlighting some extremely precise statistics including the number of ad views, the average click rate, and the average customer conversion rate. Indeed, there is no photo, Tik Tok comes out largely victorious in its statistical comparison with the other major social networks of the moment.

The targeting system is very efficient.

When online business professionals create advertising campaigns, regardless of the social platform involved, targeting its customers is essential, even mandatory, in order to generate a profitability in line with the usual expectations in terms of commercial benefits.

On this subject, once again, Tik Tok puts forward a large number of categories and topics, allowing to target in a fine way the future audiences of the advertising campaign, in order to generate sufficient commercial benefits for proven profits.

It is also possible to target the age and gender of users of the social platform Tik Tok, which allows to further optimize the ROAS and other statistics to be measured permanently in order to get maximum profits from advertising campaigns planned and launched.

The ad display algorithms are very precise.

A point that is often neglected in favor of other information often relayed in a massive way, the algorithms of Tik Tok are a formidable accuracy. They really allow, and in a very short time, to see progress, and especially, possible optimizations to avoid unnecessary budget leakage, and increase the number of commercial conversions.

The algorithms are updated on a very regular basis, without it being obvious. These are programs working in the background, and they allow to select with precision the elements you see in your Tik Tok surfs, whether they are ads or videos simply published by the users of the social platform.

How to rent it and generate massive profits?

The usual question that is asked at this point is what method is used to generate massive profits. The truth is that there are many advertising strategies that can generate hundreds, or in some cases thousands, of sales in a very short time.

But, the most effective methods remain those related to campaigns launched on an agency Tik Tok advertising account. No budget limitation will prevent you from changing the scale of your business, and if one of your campaigns is working well, nothing can prevent you from increasing your results tenfold by investing heavily in the same campaign.

First, contact us !

Scalix agency is at your disposal H24, and 7 days a week, in order to answer your most precise questions, or general if necessary. Do not hesitate to contact the professionals of our agency who will be happy to answer you in the most precise and fast way.

They will allow you to understand the mechanisms of renting an advertising account of Tik Tok agency, and especially, to see the simplicity with which it is possible for you to rent this type of accounts, and to take advantage of it in an unlimited way.

No matter where you are located, and no matter what time of day or night, our professionals are ready to answer all your questions, without delay, to accompany you towards online success, and the permanent increase of your income.

We’ll study your strategy or optimize it.

Renting and using an agency Tik Tok account is a great thing for e-merchants. However, without a digital strategy, it will not be possible to generate the expected profits. Indeed, to reach the heart of target, with the right message, and an attractive product or service, is not done automatically, or by chance.

We study the different possibilities and strategies applicable to your advertising campaign Tik Tok, to determine the likely impact of the campaign to be implemented.

Then we choose together the strategy that suits you best, and that will allow you to take off, or increase your conversions, whether it is the acquisition of leads, or direct sales.

We agree and apply this strategy

Once the strategy has been jointly adopted by the rental company and the Scalix agency, a final validation is necessary. It concerns the final adoption of the operating plan and the implementation of the campaign.

A timing is established, an action plan is submitted and validated, and the permanent analysis processes are configured in order to monitor the whole, allowing to optimize very quickly the investments, as well as the benefits.

You get immediate benefits.

It is obvious, with the social network Tik Tok, the commercial conversions from advertising campaigns are immediate. Indeed, we are on the reflex sale, which allows to obtain statistics in a very short time, and therefore to move forward.

All the data of the campaign are measured in a permanent way, and thus, the rise of the profits resulting from the advertising campaign is noticeable from the first days.

What other Tik Tok ads agencies do we don’t ?

The Scalix agency has a solid reputation on the Internet, and internationally. Forerunner in the rental of advertising accounts Tik Tok agency, Scalix agency stands out from the beginning on the market, through ultra-qualitative services, and particularly affordable.

Since then, a number of agencies have tried to surpass the skills of our agency professionals, but in vain. Indeed, the relationship that Scalix agency has with the decision makers of the different social platforms and in the different countries is excellent, and very promising.

Here are some of the awards that make Scalix Agency the number one agency in the world today for the rental of Tik Tok advertising accounts.

We do not have a worldwide bad reputation.

This is a recurrent problem on the web, and it concerns many providers, in almost all existing fields. The reputation of our institution has always surpassed many other agencies allowing the rental of Tik Tok advertising accounts, by our seriousness, our consistency, and our know-how. We are also constantly in contact with the social platforms to know the evolutions, as well on the algorithmic level, as of the functionalities.

We do not scam !

Some agencies that have tried to surpass in reputation the know-how and technicality of Scalix professionals, are today benefiting from very bad online comments, through which it is possible to quickly understand that these so-called service providers have done nothing more or less than carry out scam operations.

A real concern for e-commerce professionals who have trusted these fake agencies. We therefore invite you to check on the rating sites how much our services are appreciated, especially by the major and serious players in the online sale of various services.

We manage huge amounts monthly for our customers.

This year has been a special one for our agency’s professionals. Indeed, the number of professionals who have trusted us over the last 12 months has exceeded our expectations to an incredible extent. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them, and assure them of the continuity of our services in the highest quality, with an established and unwavering confidence.

We have the best reviews.

In general on the Internet, when a provider presents quality services and products, end users automatically relay their opinions on the various rating platforms. We are proud to announce that we have the highest ratings in our industry.

Tik Tok is the right choice actually ?

In 2022, is advertising on Tik Tok a good choice to lead to increased profitability? Yes, like for a facebook agency ad account.

Yes, to sell products and services online.

Yes, products and services can be sold massively and very quickly through Tik Tok, much better than on Facebook or Twitter for example.

Tik Tok is the best platform for impulse buying of services or products through advertising campaigns well managed from the start, then optimized thereafter.

Yes, to promote a new brand.

Absolutely, we confirm it, when you launch a new brand, it is important to work on the notoriety, and the quality of services and products put forward. Tik Tok allows not only to perform these two tasks, but also to quickly increase the number of people who did not know these services before, and thus to educate customers in an extremely reliable way all the time, thus increasing the visibility of these same services and products.

Yes, to complete your online and social presence.

If you are already present on other social platforms, and you lack a presence on Tik Tok, it is important to do so as soon as possible, and reuse your visuals and videos previously published on other platforms.

In conclusion, renting a Tik Tok agency advertising account is now one of the most effective methods to increase your profitability in a very short time.

Do not hesitate to contact our agents to answer the last questions that could lead to a possible collaboration in the medium or long term.